Mėnesio renginiai. 2016 m. spalis

The 6th Baltic Radiology Congress (BCR)

Dear collegues,

    On behalf of the Latvian Radiology Association it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 6th Baltic Radiology Congress (BCR) 2016 as a result of cooperation between Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Radiology and Radiographer societies. The meeting will be held in the centre of Liepaja (Latvia) from October 6-8, at the Concert Hall Great Amber.

    Liepaja is the 3rd largest city in Latvia and 10th largest one in the Baltic States. The city is located at the west coast of Latvia. The sea with its widest sandy beach in the country, strolling, beautiful scenery and colorful sunsets attract locals, neighbors and guests. During the less sunny months of the year Liepāja’s vibrant cultural life offer true pearls of art, the internationally recognized performances of Liepaja Theatre and Symphony orchestra. Liepaja’s Great Amber concert hall with it's unconventional design is a new venue to city’s skyline which was previously dominated by a combination of medieval spires and 20th-century industrial smoke stacks.