Multimodality Course

Multimodality Course

Course information

The course is aimed at last year residents, general radiologists and generalpractitioners who want to update their knowledge on new applications and optimisedprotocols in diagnostic imaging. The course offers the unique opportunity to evaluatesome of the latest technological advances for state-of-the-art MRI and MDCT in dayto-day practice and to enhance professional knowledge of current imaging optionsfor a number of clinical conditions. Established European top radiologists will laythe groundwork in didactic lectures for subsequent interactive case discussions inworkshops.

Learning objectives

• to learn about state-of-the-art MRI and MDCT protocols for imaging disorders of head and neck, heart, aorta, abdomen, kidneys and pelvis

• to recognise the indications, limitations and comparative merits of each of the cross-sectional imaging modalities in a wide range of clinical conditions

• to learn more on how to optimise imaging quality

• to understand clinical relevance of imaging findings for patients management

Temos: ESOR