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SEDENTEXCT darbo grupės kreipimasis

SEDENTEXCT project ( team developed new Provisional Guidelines on Radiation protection: CBCT for Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology.
Guidelines and supporting information are available at:

Please note that the Guidelines are at this stage provisional.  The  SEDENTEXCT project team who are developing the Guidelines would be  very grateful for feedback from readers.  The feedback option is  available at the foot of the webpage.

A principal aim of the SEDENTEXCT project was to develop  evidence-based guidelines dealing with justification, optimisation and  referral criteria as applied to CBCT.  The method chosen was  systematic review of the literature. The literature available for  formal review was, however, limited in quantity. Because of this, the  Guideline Development Panel also reviewed the many case reports/series and non-systematic reviews available.

Of particular note is the proliferation in CBCT equipment  manufacturers and models; research evidence for one CBCT machine may  not apply to other equipment. As a consequence, caution is needed in  generalising research findings. Many of the recommendations made are  "Best Practice" rather than carrying any formal evidence grade, based  upon the informed judgement of the Guideline Development Panel. It is  important, therefore, to remember that these are provisional  guidelines. We hope that, by the end of the SEDENTEXCT project (2011),  sufficient high quality evidence will have accumulated to allow us to  develop guidelines that are more "evidence-based".

We look forward to your feedback,

SEDENTEXCT project team