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Všį Respublikinė Vilniaus universitetinė ligoninė

Respublikinė Vilniaus universitetinė ligoninė jau 25-erius metus yra aukščiausio lygio daugiaprofilinė l...

Neuro-Radiology Specialist tio Sweden

The public health care of Västra Götaland offers a position for neuro-radiologists in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.
The hospital which is looking for this...

Consultant Doctor Radiology, Sweden

Currently we are looking for consultants for Radiologist for both a large hospital as well as two midsized hospitals with an extensive training and executio...

Consultant Doctor MSK Radiology for Sweden

Currently we are looking for consultants for a leading University Hospital just north of Stockholm with an extensive training and execution task. You will be...

Complementary Breast Diagnosis Course

Dear Colleagues, Partners,

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Complementary Breast Diagnosis, our upcoming course in medical imaging organiz...

Spécialiste en Radiologie-Angiographie, Bruxelles, Belgique

Statut: Salarié du secteur public
Employeur: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire
Pays et région: Belgique, Bruxelles
Spécialité: Radiologie


Consultant Radiology to the UK

£ 76,000 - £ 102,000 per annum

Job Description:
Stunning location, scenery and great lifestyle!
Superb working conditions...