Programme Friday 24th October

8.00–17.00 Registration
9.00            Opening

9.30–12.00 Neuroradiology Chairman Prof. Gaida Krumina, Riga, Latvia
9.30            Imaging of tumours D. Auer, Nottingham, United Kingdom
10.15         Advances in the treatment and imaging of glial tumours G. Krumina, Riga, Latvia
10.55         Role of magnetic resonance diffusion and ADC values in brain tumour diagnostics S. Dzelzite, Riga, Latvia
11.05         MR spectroscopy – technical basics and clinical highlights I. Björkman-Burtscher, Lund, Sweden
11.50         First Experience and Results of Fetal brain MRI  of 12 patients. S. Dzelzite, J. Purvina, D. Matule, D.Ezerina,  Riga, Latvia

9.30–12.00 Nuclear Medicine/PET Chairman Dr. Sergei Nazarenko, Tallinn, Estonia
9.30            PET imaging in lymphomas G. A. Wisemann, Mayo, Minnesota
10.15          First radio-immunotherapy with Zevalin in Estonia S. Nazarenko Tallinn, Estonia
10.45          PET tracers beyond FDG G. A. Wisemann, Mayo, Minnesota
11.30          Nuclear diagnostic pathology of parathyroid glands I. Vevere, Riga, Latvia

12.00–13.00 Lunch

13.00–15.30 Cerebral vascular imaging and interventions Chairman Dr. Tommy Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden
13.00            Imaging of acute stroke: CT and MRT studies H. Almqvist, Stockholm, Sweden
13.45            Endovascular stroke management K. Kupcs, Riga, Latvia
14.00           Stroke management; endovascular stroke management  T. Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden
14.45           Intracranial aneurysms in children and endovascular treatment K. Kupcs, Riga, Latvia
15.00           Vertigo and tinnitus – neuroradiological management S. Dzelzite, Riga, Latvia

13.00–15.30 Abdominal imaging/Transplantations Chairman Prof. Algidas Basevicius, Kaunas, Lithuania
13.00            Pancreatic transplant imaging L. Põder, San Fransisco, USA
13.45            Imaging in liver transplantation A. E. Tamosiunas, Vilnius, Lithuania
14.30            Leiomyosarcoma of inferior vena cava E. Bieliuniene, G. Kavaliauskiene,  D. Mitraite, E. Jonaitiene, A. Basevicius, V. Krasauskas, D. Pranys, S. Lukosevicius, E.B. Juodzbaliene, Kaunas, Lithuania
14.45           Ultrasonography in diagnosis of renal tuberculosis M. Radzina, E. Kadakovska, I. Simanovica, Latvia
15.00           Ultravist® - When balance matters: a comparative review of nonionic monomers versus the isotonic nonionic dimer iodixanol Company presentation: Dr. Hans Peter Niendorf, Diagnostic Imaging Bayer Schering Pharma AG

15.30–16.00 Coffee

16.00–18.30 Paediatric imaging Chairman Prof. Olof Flodmark, Stockholm, Sweden, and Assoc. Prof. Pilvi Ilves, Tartu, Estonia
16.00            Development of brain damage in infants O. Flodmark, Stockholm, Sweden
17.00           Changes in cerebral and visceral blood flow velocities in asphyxiated term infants with hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy P. Ilves, M. Lintrop, I. Talvik, K. Muug, L. Maipuu, T. Metsvaht, Tartu, Estonia
17.30           Reorganization of the developing human brain after early lesions (including TMS and fiber tracking) M. Staudt, Tübingen, Germany

16.00–18.30 Abdominal imaging/acute pathology Chairman Assoc. Prof. Jurate Dementavicienė, Vilnius, Lithuania, and Assist. Prof. Antonio Westphalen, USA
16.00            Pearls and pitfalls of abdominal CT A. Westphalen, San Francisco, USA
16.45            Value of multi-detector computed tomographic (MDCT) angiography in diagnosis of gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding G. Kavaliauskiene, A. Basevicius, Kaunas, Lithuania
17.15            Radiological evaluation of early complications of acute pancreatitis A. Samuilis, A. Rutkauskaite, J. Dementaviciene, A. Sileikis, Vilnius, Lithuania
17.45           Acute abdomen in children J. G. Blickman, Nijmegen, Netherlands

19.30 Get together party
Saturday 25th October

8.30–11.00 Pelvic imaging Chairman Assist. Prof. Liina Põder, San Francisco,USA,  and Dr. Karin Asser, Tartu, Estonia
8.30           Adnexal pathology: US/MRI correlation L. Põder, San Francisco, USA
9.15           Top 10 gynecologic indications for MRI A. Westphalen, San Francisco, USA
10.00         Uterine pathology: cervical and endometrial cancer L. Põder, San Francisco, USA
10.45         PACS – future perspectives Company presentation: Mek Nielsen, Agfa

8.30–11.00 Functional magnetic resonance imaging and  diffusion tensor imaging Chairman Prof. Hannu Aronen, Turku, Finland
8.30           Diffusion tensor imaging, technical aspects P. Morgan, Nottingham, United Kingdom
9.10           Diffusion and functional MRI, clinical indications C. Ojango, Nottingham, United Kingdom/Estonia
9.50          Cerebral fMRI H. Aronen, Turku, Finland
10.20        fMRI in paediatric neurorehabilitation M. Staudt, Tübingen, Germany

11.00–11.30 Coffee

Poster session Chairman: Prof emer. Jüri Kaude Assoc. Prof. Pilvi Ilves

11.30–13.30 Musculosceletal Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Ardis Platkajis, Riga, Latvia
11.30            Radiological diagnostic of osteoporosis and complications A. Platkajis, Riga, Latvia
12.00            Radiological diagnosis of early arthritis L. Rutkauskiene, A. Venalis, J. Petronyte, Vilnius, Lithuania
12.15            Risk factors of hip dislocation after primary total hip replacement (THR): clinical and radiological analysis P. Likums, G. Krumina, P. Studers, Riga, Latvia
12.30           Sports imaging I. Boric, Croatia
13.00           Image quality in digital images Company presentation: Walter Streng. Carestream Health Inc. in cooperation with Overall Medical O??

11.30–13.30 Radiation protection Chairman Dr. Mare Lintrop, Tartu, Estonia
11.30            Radiation dose and optimization in paediatric CT M. Kortesniemi, Helsinki, Finland
12.10            Radiation protection of the patient and personnel from medical exposure. New European directives G. Bartal, Kfar-Saba Hospital, Israel
12.30            Radiation dose and image quality assessment in CT M. Kortesniemi, Helsinki, Finland
13.00            Dynamic Volume Cardio CT Company presentation: Roy Irwan, Toshiba

13.30–14.30 Lunch

14.30–17.00 Cardiac imaging Chairman Assoc Prof. A. E. Tamosiunas, Vilnius, Lithuania
14.30            MRI in non-ischaemic acquired heart disease K. Ordovas, California, USA
15.15            Evaluative function of cardiac MDCT of the right ventricle M. Mataciunas, D. Zakarkaitė, A. E. Tamosiunas, N. Valeviciene, Vilnius, Lithuania
15.30           Cardiac MRT in children K. Lauerma, Helsinki, Finland
16.15           Coronary CTA: a review of the anatomy and variants K. Ordovas, California, USA

14.30 – 17.00 Medical informatics and management in radiology Chairman Dr. Mara Epermane, Latvia and Dr. Margus Ulst, Tartu, Estonia
14.30              The role of the modern imaging specialist (radiologist) in the diagnosis and management of the oncological patient G. Bartal, Kfar-Saba Hospital, Israel
15.00              Seamless integration of patient electronic health data P. Ross, Tallinn, Estonia
15.30              Golden rules for management an imaging department S. Nazarenko, Tallinn, Estonia
16.00              New trends of management in radiology M. Epermane, Latvia
16.30              Estonia-PACS – an integral part of the national e-Health Programme M. Ulst, A. Aavik, A. Paats, R. Käpp, Tartu, Estonia

17.00–17.15 Closing ceremony

Friday 24th October
Struve Hall Baer Hall
Opening 9.00–9.30  
Neuroradiology 9.30–12.00 Nuclear medicine 9.30–12.00
Lunch 12.00–13.00 Lunch 12.00–13.00
Cerebral vascular imaging and interventions 13.00–15.30 Abdomen/ transplantations 13.00–15.00Company: Bayer Schering Pharma AG 15.00–15.30
Coffee 15.30–16.00 Coffee 15.30–16.00
Paediatric imaging 16.00–18.30 Abdomen: acute pathology 16.00–18.30
Saturday 25th October
Struve Hall Baer Hall
Pelvic imaging of 8.30–10.45Company: Agfa 10.45–11.00 fMRI 8.30–11.00
Coffee 11.00–11.30, Poster session Coffee 11.00–11.30, Poster session
Musculosceletal 11.30–13.30  Radioprotection 11.30–13.00Company: Toshiba 13.30–13.30
Lunch 13.30–14.30 Lunch 13.30–14.30
Management in radiology 14.30–17.00  Cardiac imaging 14.30–17.00
Closing ceremony 17.00–17.15