Teach-the-Teachers Programme

Teach-the-Teachers Programme

ESOR has established a new training programme aimted to endorse the process to cascade down the art of teaching and harmonise radiological education in addressed countries.

The newly established Teach-theTeachers Programme is kindly supported by Covidien.

Radiology departments are continuously investing to the development of their faculty members as clinicians and researchers but not infrequently they have less resources available to improve the capabilities of their staff members as qualified teachers. Improving the quality of teaching represents an extremely rewarding exercise for the future of radiology. The ESOR Teach-the-Teachers Programme is designed to educate future teachers and faculty members, in particular from southern, central and eastern Europe. By implementing the use of electronic instructional technology aim to create luminaries in teaching.

Number of available places
Each year up to 6 trainees from different countries will be considered. Each of the academic training departments will receive 3 trainees at once.

Topics and training centres
The programmes are offered at pre-selected, highly esteemed academic training centres in Europe. For the years 2011-2012 these would include:

•    Abdominal Imaging at the University of Szeged/Hungary
•    Cardiac Imaging at La Sapienza University, Rome/Italy


  1. Employment in an academic or in a teaching hospital

  2. Residence within the boundaries of Europe

  3. Good command of English language

  4. Completion of general radiology training (board-certified radiologists) according to the European Training Charter for Clinical Radiology

  5. Between three to six years of professional experience in radiology with subspecialty knowledge

  6. Submission of a CV, a letter of motivation from the candidate, and a recommendation letter from the head of the department confirming the intention to evolve him as a future teacher in his home country

  7. Available means of information technology (personal laptop, internet access) at the working place to organise Internet-based teaching video-conferences with the training department

  8. ESR membership fees for 2011 must be settled.

Duration and funding

The duration of the teach-the-teachers training will be one week. The course will start in the second half of the year 2011. A grant will cover travel and accommodation costs and will contribute to subsistence costs. The training is offered for free by the participating training centre. The trainees are responsible for their own health insurance.

Programme structure

  • Structured intense training course of one week duration simultaneously for three trainees at an academic radiology department in central or western Europe; the training department ensures the availability of three tutors which are supervised by a mentor (basically head of department).

  • Each of the three tutors acts as a teacher of one specific topic and cares for one trainee during the training course.

  • The trainee will enrol and will be trained the specific topic offered at the respective training centre. He/she will have to give a lecture for the chosen topic at the end of the week.

  • Three 45-minute teaching conferences are organized in the subsequent six months for follow-up in the trainee’s home institution. The 1st teaching conference is supervised on-site by the mentor of the host training department. The 2nd and 3rd teaching conferences are Internet-based and the mentor is supervising via an electronic meeting tool. All teaching conferences are held in English language and aim to endorse the process to cascade down the art of teaching and harmonise radiological education in the addressed countries.

  • The trainee has to organise a course at home, which will be attended also by the mentor/tutor.


After completion of the training the trainee receives a certificate from ESR/ESOR.


To apply for the scholarship, applicants must

• Log in with their ESR membership ID number in the ESR MyUserArea at www.myESR.org.

• Choose the preferred topic and training centre

• Upload the following documents:

• Current curriculum vitae (CV) including a summary of the training background

• Letter of motivation explaining personal interest in the chosen topic

• Letter from the head of department confirming the intention to evolve the applicant as a future teacher in his/her home department/country

• Letter of confirming 3–6 years of professional experience in radiology

Candidates from southern, central and eastern Europe will be considered first.

Applicants already involved as junior lecturers at their home departments/countries will be also considered favourably. The teaching involvement has to be verified by a letter from the head of department.

Application will be open until April 7, 2011. Applications received after the deadline can not be considered for evaluation by the committee. If an application is not accepted, the applicant will need to apply again for future programmes. There is no waiting list.

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